I’d like to participate in the Worlds End Ultramarathon, what should I do first?
If you are looking to compete in the 100k race, your first step is to complete one trail race that is at least a 50k or further in distance. If you have run a race that was less than a 50k but has a high degree of difficulty, it may be an exception to the above standard, just email us to find out if the race may qualify you. Timed races can not be used as a qualifying race. You must have completed a qualifying race before registering.

If you are looking to compete in the 50k race, we don’t have any qualification standards for you to meet. Be aware though, we do encourage that you have done at least one trail race as this is not a beginners-level 50k race. You will need to negotiate rock fields, narrow and uneven terrain, steep climbs and even a cliff side trail over flowing water.

The race is full, do you maintain a wait list?
Yes, we maintain a wait list through RunSignUp. As runners withdraw from the race, people on the wait list will be given an opportunity to register for the race based on the order they are listed. Selected participants will be notified via email once you have been selected and have one week to register once the email is sent.

What are my odds of getting selected from the wait list?
The odds depend primarily on the amount of turnover from the registered runners list. Since we don’t have any control over this, your guess is as good as ours. If over time we can collect enough data to give a reasonable prediction, we will update this question at that time.

When will my credit card be charged?
The entry fee will be charged to your credit card immediately upon registration. If you are registering on the wait list, your credit card information will be collected at the time of registration as a pre-order (card not charged), and will be charged only if you are selected from the wait list and accept the invitation to become a registered runner.

Can I switch race distances after I sign up?
Due to the length of the wait list, we do not permit race distance changes. If you would like to move to another distance, you will need to accept a refund and register on the wait list for the distance you would like to the run.

What is your refund policy?
Once you register, your credit card will be processed immediately. Between December 2, 2017 to May 26, 2018: We will refund 50% of your entry fee. The waiting list will remain open until May 19th but after that, the rosters will be closed and no changes or refunds will be made at this point. We do not offer deferrals or bib transfers.

If I am a registered runner but cannot participate due to an injury or illness can I defer my entry to the following year?
No. We do not allow deferrals, rollovers, or bib transfers, but depending on when you withdraw you might be eligible for a partial refund of your entry fee.

Is there a lost and found after the event?
All items found at the aid stations will be transferred to the finish line area. If we have unclaimed items, including drop bags, we will make every attempt to get the items back to the runner but we won’t guarantee that we can do so. Please do not leave valuables in your drop bags.

How can I volunteer to help out during the annual event?
The race is always in need of aid station personnel, trail sweeps, and start and finish line helpers. If you’d like to volunteer, please contact us by filling out the volunteer signup form in the menu.