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  • WORLDS END 100k

Race Day is June 1, 2024 / Registration opens December 2 (6pm)

Worlds End Ultra 100k

We have a reputation as one of the toughest, most scenic trail 100k’s in the country.

The course is predominantly rugged single-track that winds it's way through the Endless Mountains in the Loyalsock State Forest and Worlds End State Park. Your effort will reward you with beautiful overlooks such as High Rock Vista, Canyon Vista, Upper and Lower Alpine View, Kettle Creek Vista, and High Knob Overlook - along with spectacular cascades and falls like Double Run, Dry Run, Rode Falls and Lee's Falls in the Ketchum Run Gorge, just to name a few. You'll pass many interesting rock formations like Split Rock, take in the tranquility of Sones Pond and climb a wooden ladder along side Rode Falls. You may even see a bald eagle soar beside you as you traverse the rocky ledge of trail that overhangs the Loyalsock Creek.

This course can be described as "hilly" or "rolling" with it's steepest sustained climb only being about 1,000 rocky feet. The deceptive part is that there is a never ending supply of shorter climbs that the trail throws at you to give an unexpected overall elevation gain of about 12,400 feet. Combine this with the often rock strewn, technical trail along with the number of times you'll stop to take in the scenery, and you'll quickly realize this isn't a course you'll try to set any personal records on. The race was designed around the famed Loyalsock Trail but to complete the loop back to Worlds End State Park, you'll spend plenty of time exploring side trails of equal beauty. The course runs deep in the Pennsylvania hills with rocky hollows, diverse forests, narrow gorges, and endless views - enough eye candy to keep you busy for your entire run. But don't linger too long at any one place, you only have 19 hours to complete this race.

Make no mistake, this race is intended to grind you down over the long haul. Luckily, we'll take care of you with 12 aid stations along the way. Not only will you see the usual ultra spread, expect to see a plethora of other delicious treats to keep you moving to the finish line. You'll also have 6 aid stations that will be crew accessible and 3 locations to pick up and swap pacers from.


Registration Opens: December 2 (6pm)

Course Map

The official course map broken down by the various trails used for the race. You can find additional mapping information using ultraPacer and CalTopo.

CalTopo ultraPacer

Elevation Profile

The official elevation profile which includes aid station information.

Aid Station Planner

This planner includes aid station details, pacing data, and cut-off times for the race.

Participants Guide

You will receive a hard copy of this guide book at bib pick up.

Western States 100 Qualifier

We are excited to announce that the Worlds End 100k continues to be a Western States 100 Mile Endurance Run Qualifier.

Pennsylvania Triple Crown Series

The Worlds End 100k is part of the Pennsylvania Triple Crown of Mountain Running! This crazy trial race series requires participants to complete the Hyner 50k, Worlds End 100k, and Eastern States 100, all within their cutoff times and in the same year.

Qualification Standards

The difficulty of the terrain means this is NOT an entry-level race. Each potential participant will be reviewed by the race directors after we receive the completed registration. At a minimum, all participants must have completed at least one 50k trail race within the advertised cut-off time before signing up. This must be within 3 years of the registration date. If you have a race that is not a 50k but has a high degree of difficulty, it may be an exception to the above standard - just email us to find out if the race may qualify you. Be sure that your race is an official race with results published on a publicly available website. Timed races can not be used as a qualifying race. You must have completed a qualifying race before registering.

Registration Details

Worlds End 100k Details:
Event date: Saturday June 1, 2024
Start time: 5:00am
Cutoff time: 12 Midnight (19 hours)
Start/Finish: Cliff Pavilion at Worlds End State Park
- Bib Pick Up: Friday 5:30pm to 7:45pm (Mandatory for all)
- Pre-Race Meeting: Friday 7:15pm (Highly Recommended)
- Race Check-in: Saturday 4:00am to 5:00am (Mandatory check-in)

Registration is first come, first served and there is a qualifying standard for the 100k race.
2024 Registration Date: December 2, 2023 (6pm).
Capacity: 175 runners
Cost: $195

Registration December 2 at 6pm


We will refund 50% of your entry fee minus any processing fees until April 6. Between April 7 and May 11, we will refund 25% of your entry fee minus any processing fees. No refunds after May 24, 2024. Race registrations are not transferable to other participants or future races, and transferring between distances (up or down) is not allowed. Please consider these factors very carefully before registering.

As a Trail Sisters Approved race, we will continue to offer a pregnancy & postpartum refund as we have in the past. Whether planned or unplanned, expected or unexpected, start or end of a pregnancy, healing and recovery time are required for a women’s overall health. Please contact us for a refund option.

Please use your registration profile to request a refund. Due to maintaining a waiting list, we do not do deferrals, bib transfers, or race distance switches.

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Additional Details for Runners and Crews

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Go deeper into Worlds End with additional aid station details, race rules, directions to the aid stations, race reports, lodging and food, and much much more!

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100k Course Record Holders


Nicole Yokum

Women's 100k Course Record
13:23:05 ('21)


Wesley Atkinson

Men's 100k Course Record
10:50:38 ('19)

Snapshots from Worlds End

A catalog of images from past races

People often have trouble describing this race to others due to the combination of how hard the race is coupled with the sheer amount of eye candy the course contains. This collection of images is an attempt to help when words fail us. Click the button below to see the wonderful world of Worlds End!

Snapshots from Worlds End