2020 Race Improvements

2020 Race Improvements

Going Cupless
As many of you know, we get to run on some of the most beautiful trails in the world! To better preserve our forests, unnecessary waste and trash is something we are taking a strong stance against for next year. We are dedicated to maintaining a clean race, preserving the beauty of the area we run in, and increasing our environmental responsibility with our events. That being said, the Worlds End Ultramarathon will be going cupless as our first step to reducing the trash footprint of our races. While this may seem like an inconvenience, rest assured that this will not be the case! Just like any new piece of gear you use while running, once you use it once or twice it will become as automatic as running itself. We will also have some HydraPak cups for sale at bib pick up in case you forget and a very small stack of cups at aid stations in case of accidental loss of your cup while racing.

Service Requirement
Volunteering, in all aspects, is a great way to give back to your local trail running community and essential to the long distance trail events we all enjoy. Whether volunteering is given to the trails with trail work or to races by filling any one of the numerous jobs needed to put on an event, we are committed to the success of not just our own races but those of others in the running community. Come 2020, we are raising the bar for the expectations of our participants and will require all those who want to race with us at Worlds End to perform eight (8) hours of service to the trail running community. Fulfillment of this requirement can be in the form of trail maintenance or volunteer services at any official trail running event. Many people have expressed that volunteering has been one of the most rewarding parts of their running career and with this requirement we hope to forge a stronger trail running community for the future. To find out the exact details, please see our website - https://worldsendultra.com/service-requirement/

Pre-Race Schedule
We are rearranging our Friday night and Saturday morning schedule to make things more efficient and streamlined for our volunteers and correct some safety issues. Friday evening, we will be having mandatory bib/packet pick up from 5:30pm to 7:45pm followed by a mandatory pre-race briefing at 7:45pm. This is mandatory for all runners for both race distances. Based on our data collected over the last 5 years, we average more than 75% of our runners receiving their bibs on Friday night anyhow, so this really won't impact that many of you. This change is critical for the event to run properly and those who do not show up Friday night will not be allowed to race. Race morning, all runners will need to check in at the start. We've had issues in the past with runners getting bibs Friday night and then not running the next morning. Safety is a huge concern for us and this new format will ensure we can follow our safety guidelines we use without the hiccups we've experienced in the past.

Looking forward to another fantastic end of the world in 2020!!

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