2020 Race Postponed

🗣 Please remain calm!

Due to the ongoing public health threat of coronavirus (COVID-19), we have made the decision to officially postpone the 2020 Worlds End Ultramarathon until September 26, 2020. We have made this decision after careful consideration, knowing that we want to ensure the health, safety, and well-being of our participants, our volunteers, and our running community. The ongoing situation with continual moving targets, disruption, and uncertainty have thwarted our hopes that we would be able to weather the storm and hold our race as scheduled. We feel that moving forward with plans for a race at the end of May will prove futile and hinder everyone’s planning process for fall races. While heartbreaking knowing the fun, excitement, awesomeness that surrounds this event will be postponed, we feel it is now the correct action to take.

In accordance with this decision, every participant will automatically be enrolled into the new September race date. We will be offering two options for those who cannot attend the new date. Participants may either remove their entry from the race and receive a full refund or keep their entry spot for the 2021 race.

Some important details to consider:

  1. Full refunds and deferrals into next year’s race will start May 1st and end July 4th. You must make your decision no later than July 4th.
  2. After July 4th, no deferrals will be accepted and the refund policy will be adjusted back to the current refund policy.
  3. Refunds will be handled through RunSignUp. Instructions on how to do a refund through RunSignUp can be found here – https://help.runsignup.com/support/solutions/articles/17000062919-request-a-refund
  4. Please do not try to withdraw from the race until we have updated RunSignUp.
  5. If you wish to switch distances, you must follow current race policy and join the wait list of the other race distance.
  6. Since the new date coincides with our Worlds End Fall Classic, any participant who is also signed up for this race can contact me to receive a full refund if they wish to stay in the ultra.

Other logistical information to consider:

  1. We will be doubling our race day numbers by holding both WEU and WEFC on the same day. This means campsites in the area will be beyond max capacity. To accommodate this many participants and volunteers, we have secured the Forksville fairgrounds located 1 mile from the state park and will be employing a shuttle service. If you are someone who doesn’t like to “rough it” for accommodations, please look into booking somewhere sooner rather than later.
  2. I will directly be contacting those who secured a state park cabin with me.
  3. Sucks to be a PA Triple Crown contender this year. Well, if you finish it (and also get on the Blacklist) you pretty much secured yourself as one of the most badass runners around. Think positive!

We thank you for your patience and kindness during this difficult period. We hope you all remain safe and healthy and we look forward to gathering with you at the Worlds End.


David Walker and Jenn Watts


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