50k Information

50k Race Details

The Worlds End 50k is a 31.4 mile single loop trail ultramarathon on 98% single-track/double-track. The course has an elevation gain of 5,915 ft with a net elevation change of 11,830 ft. We support you with 6 aid stations and give you ample time to complete the course with a 12 hour cutoff. We have a reputation as having one of the best 50k's in Pennsylvania.

Worlds End 50k Details:
Event date: Saturday May 30, 2020
Start time: 7:00AM
Cutoff time: 7:00PM (12 hours)
Start/Finish: Cliff Pavilion at Worlds End State Park
Bib Pick Up: Friday 6:00PM to 8:00PM/Saturday 3:30AM to 7:00AM

Registration is first come, first served. There is no qualifying standard for the 50k race.
2020 Registration Date: December 7, 2019 (6PM).
Capacity: 150 runners
Cost: $90

50k Registration

Qualification Standard:
We will not be requiring a strict qualification standard for the 50k race. Be aware though, this race is not a beginners-level 50k race since you will need to negotiate rock fields, narrow and uneven terrain, steep climbs and even a cliff side trail over flowing water.

We will refund 50% of your entry fee minus any processing fees until May 16th, 2020. Race registrations are not transferable to other participants or future races, and transferring between distances (up or down) is not allowed. Please consider these factors very carefully before registering. Please use your registration profile to request a refund.

Request a Refund

Driving Directions:

Cliff Pavilion Location:

50k Course Information

Below you will find the official elevation profile, course map, and aid station planner. Use the yellow buttons to view the PDF files of each document. You can download them to your computer and print them if you so choose to do so. If you would like to see a more interactive map of the course with an elevation profile, check out our map over at hellodrifter.com by Nick Knipe.


Below is a list of lodging options near Worlds End State Park. This is not a comprehensive list, but rather a starting point of the closest ones to the race that we know of. Please do your own research to find what place would suit your needs best. If you're a cheapskate and would rather not pay for a place to stay, it's definitely worth looking into the free Loyalsock State Forest camping (see link below). Please do not overnight camp in the Worlds End State Park parking lots.

Loyalsock State Forest

time varies depending on site

6735 Route 220
Dushore, PA 18614
(570) 946-4049


Worlds End State Park

4 minutes away

PO Box 62, Rt 154
Forksville, PA 18616
Phone: (570) 924-3287
Reservations: 1-888-PA-PARKS


Pioneer Campground

15 minutes away

307 Pioneer Trail
Muncy Valley, PA 17758
Phone: (570) 946-9971


Millview Motel

7 minutes away

6786 PA-87
Forksville, PA 18616
Phone: (570) 924-4768

*Special discount for event

Crestmont Inn

18 minutes away

180 Crestmont Drive
Eagles Mere, PA 17731
Phone: (570) 525-3519


Cherry Mills Lodge

17 minutes away

72 Chesock Rd
Dushore, PA 18614
Phone: (570) 928-8978


Hotel Harrington

21 minutes away

232 South German St
Dushore, PA 18614
Phone: (570) 928-8939


Pavilion at the Park

14 minutes away

345 Main Street
Laporte, PA 18626
Phone: (570) 946-4252

Keystone Mtn Park Trust

17 minutes away

66 Keystone Mountain Park Rd.
Muncy Valley, PA 17758
Phone: (570) 482-2909


Eagles Mere Inn

18 minutes away

29 Mary Avenue
Eagles Mere, PA 17731
Phone: (800) 426-3273


Twin Spruce

21 minutes away

281 German St
Dushore, PA 18614
Phone: (570) 928-8307


Endless Mountain Motel

19 minutes away

8938 US Hwy 220
Dushore, PA 18614
Phone: (570) 928-9003



Below is a list of food options near Worlds End State Park. This is also not a comprehensive list, but rather a starting point of the closest ones to the race. Please do your research to find what eatery will suit your needs best!

Forksville Tavern

7 minutes away

5048 PA-87
Forksville, PA 18616
Phone: (570) 924-3916


Forksville General Store

5 minutes away

22 Bridge St
Forksville, PA 18616
Phone: (570) 924-4982


Barn Tavern

11 minutes away

232 Worlds End Rd
Eagles Mere, PA 17731
Phone: (570) 525-3092


High Knob Inn

12 minutes away

388 Covered Bridge Rd
Hillsgrove, PA 18619
Phone: (570) 924-3136


Pam's Restaurant

22 minutes away

123 E Main St
Dushore, PA 18614
Phone: (570) 928-7228


220 House

21 minutes away

232 German St
Dushore, PA 18614
Phone: (570) 928-8939


Race Rules

As it is in many ultramarathons, the Worlds End Ultramarathons has its own rules and practices. Please read carefully the race rules and warnings before the competition.

Runner Rules - Runners in this event must abide by the following rules:

  1. No unofficial runners – No bandits (or unregistered pacers) allowed.
  2. No course cutting – Follow the marked course at all times – it will be clearly marked with orange survey ribbon (and with reflective tape after AS11), directional arrows, and the occasional orange ground flag. If you depart the marked course, you must return to the point of departure before continuing. Cutting the switchbacks is cheating, and leaving the beaten path to avoid mud or water is just bad trail karma – please don’t.
  3. Mandatory gear – A headlamp or similar lighting is mandatory if you are running in the dark. 100k runners will need a headlamp at the start of the race and if there is any chance that you’ll still be out there after 8:30pm, make sure you’re carrying a light or have it in a drop bag or with crew.
  4. Optional race aids – Hiking poles, headphones, GPS devices, heart rate monitors, and similar devices are allowed – but ONLY IF you use them safely and responsibly (so you are aware of what’s around you and not a danger to yourself or others).
  5. No unauthorized crew support or aid drops – Crew access and drop bags are allowed only at designated aid stations. No one is allowed to drop or store supplies along the race route, and runners are not allowed aid between checkpoints unless it is an emergency.
  6. Pets – We love trail dogs, but not during a race. Please no pets on the course. (Pets are welcome as part of your crew, and at the start/finish area, but they must be under control and they must be on a leash while within the state park.)
  7. Do not litter – You can either carry your trash or dispose of it at the aid stations. We are operating under permits from the Department of Conservation and Natural Resources and litter could threaten future permits. Anyone caught intentionally littering along the trail will be disqualified.
  8. Passing other trail users – The course uses many popular hiking trails and bridle (horse) trails, so please be respectful of all trail users and yield as needed. Be careful, courteous, patient, and safe while passing competitors or other trail users. Communicate your intentions clearly (“Passing on your left”), and remember that it’s a long run.
  9. When nature calls – Almost all the aid stations will have bathroom facilities, either a permanent structure or a port-a-john. If you have to pee, find a tree. Anything else, use the outhouse.
  10. Accountability – We’ll be tracking your progress around the course – it’s your responsibility to make sure your race bib is visible, and to check yourself (and your pacer) IN and OUT of each aid station (even if you are just passing through without stopping). The communications team at the aid station will record your arrival and departure, and relay your progress to race headquarters.
  11. Cut-off times – Aid station captains will strictly enforce the cut-off times that are posted for designated aid stations (see aid station planner). Aid station captains also have the authority to pull you from the course if it is clear that you are physically unable to continue in a safe manner. Their decisions are final, and if you refuse to vacate the course when directed, you’ll be disqualified.
  12. Dropping out of the race – If you can’t complete the race, you must notify an aid station captain and surrender your race bib, which will officially withdraw you from the race. If you leave the race and don’t show up at the next aid station within a reasonable time, we’ll assume you’re lost and will notify authorities. This could threaten the race’s future permits. Leaving a race without informing an aid station captain means automatic disqualification and restriction from entry in future races.

Crew/Pacer Information

Welcome spectators, family members, crews and pacers to the Worlds End Ultramarathon! We want to thank you for coming out and supporting the runners because we know how much it means to them! Please take some time to review this section as it contains some important logistic and safety information just for you.

Crew Rules - A crew can be an important part of your race effort, and they are welcome for both 50k and 100k runners, according to the following rules:

  1. Crew support only at designated aid stations – Your crew can help you in pretty much any way, but ONLY while you are checked in at the aid station – nowhere else along the race route. Crews are NOT PERMITTED at AS1-High Rock, AS3-Devil's Garden, AS6-Coal Mine, AS9-McCarty, or AS11-The Gate.
  2. One crew vehicle per runner – Parking is limited at many of the remote aid stations, and some of the access roads are narrow and dusty. It will be nicer – and safer – for everyone if there are fewer vehicles moving about.
  3. Aid Station flow – Aid stations can be busy places, and it’s important that runners have a clear route in and out, with easy and quick access to the station. Please find an out-of-the-way place (but within 50 yards of the station) for your crew activities so you don’t add to the congestion, and please obey the instructions of the Aid Station Captain – the station is their space and their responsibility.
  4. Crews may volunteer – We’re really one big trail family when it comes down to it… crews are free to help other runners if they want to, or to help out the aid station crew (if its alright with the aid station captain)

Failure of crew members to obey race rules:
Crews that fail to follow the above race rules will result in their runners being disqualified from the race. Cell coverage and internet access is extremely limited at Worlds End and the surrounding area. Because of this, we provide hard copies of the participant guide at the race that include race rules, maps, directions and information to help navigate your way through the race. Even so, we still advise you to read through this information before race day so you are at least acquainted with the information. Crews and pacers must adhere to the information published and ultimately, the runner is responsible for all his or her crew and pacers actions on race day.

Aid Station Access:
Crews may only visit the aid stations that are crew accessible per the aid station planner. Please don't try to visit the other aid stations because they either have difficult access or extremely limited parking that needs to be utilized by aid station staff.

Parking and Unloading:
Crew members should exercise extreme caution when driving between aid stations keeping in mind that many of the roads that you will be traveling on are narrow, remote, gravel roads – so please keep speed at or well below the posted speed limits and exercise extreme caution when approaching aid stations as these areas are where runners follow or cross the road.

Crews should park in designated areas only and at the aid stations where there is no parking lot, PARK ON ONE SIDE OF THE ROAD ONLY. Never stop or unload in front of an aid station. RVs and motor-homes are not allowed at any of the aid stations due to the gravel roads leading to aid stations where cars will also be parked on one side of the road.

Post Race:
Please park in the main parking lots at Worlds End State Park. Finish line food and refreshments are for registered runners only (and a pacer if you finish with one.) Crews and pacers are more than welcome to participate in the finish line celebration but please come prepared and bring your own food to the party.

Results for both races will be posted by Falcon Timing when they have internet service. Runners will be tracked in and out of aid stations but there can be gaps, delays or omissions in this information – we consider this information as being there for “entertainment purposes only” and not considered official. Unless there is a legitimate fear that there is an emergency we will not query the specific location of your runner at the finish line on Saturday as we need to keep our communication channels open for emergency communications.