7 tips to surviving the WEU Zombie Apocalypse

7 Tips to surviving the WEU Zombie Apocalypse

  1. Exercise on a regular basis. You should show up on race day able to run fast and far as this is the best defense against the slower zombies. Cross train to be well rounded so you can defend yourself from the zombies as well as humans that may pose a potential threat to your existence. You have one body and 12/19 hours to survive your trip around the Worlds End, come prepared to survive!
  2. Know where the water is. Rain is a safe source of drinking water when the world crumbles with crawling and walking undead. However, there are alternative sources scattered throughout the course at regular intervals that even include drinks besides water - Tailwind Nutrition, ginger ale, Coke, and our favorite, beer. We also encourage you to take some water in some sort of hydration pack or bottle between these alternative sources so you can keep running fast and far (see #1 above).
  3. Avoid the drop bus. If you’re traveling on foot, it’s best that you stay on foot. Once you flee in the drop bus, you’re chances of escape from an attack is incredibly low.
  4. Sacrifice the weak.
  5. Have an emergency kit ready. There is nothing worse than being stuck in an apocalypse without some crucial essentials on hand. As mentioned earlier, water is critical. We also encourage runners to have reserve calories stashed away in their packs in case they run into problems between the alternative water sources. This will ensure you can keep going and not fall victim of the drop bus. Any specific medication one might need should be carried with them at all times. If you are one who needs vitamin I or possibly allergic to bee stings, it’s best if you keep those things handy in your pack.
  6. Buddy up. It could be a desolate wasteland out there, it’s not advisable to take on the zombie invasion all by your lonesome unless your one hardened trail runner. If you can, try to recruit a crew and run with one or two other people but avoid large groups as this could attract too much attention. When choosing to buddy up, make sure it’s someone who is smart, encouraging, resourceful, and willing to listen to hours of non-stop oversharing. But if you are stuck with a slow and not-so-bright running buddy, they do make perfect zombie bait and will help your odds of making it out alive in case of a zombie attack.
  7. Baby wipes. As you all well know, zombies can smell your flesh. To avoid your grimy runner smell from being sniffed out and then eaten, keep a pack of fresh baby wipes in your running pack. Smell like newborn baby or apple cinnamon to help avoid detection and spare your running mates from having to smell your stinky bad oder.

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