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Page includes Start/Finish Line (Cliff Pavilion) - Aid Station Details - Pacer/Crew Rules - Drop Bags - Lodging & Food - Course Navigation - Race Reports - Race Rules


Start/Finish Line Area

Cliff Pavilion at Worlds End

  • Race check-in and the start/finish line are at the Cliff pavilion on the north edge of the main parking lot. There are also trails down to the Loyalsock Creek, picnic tables, and a great playground near the pavilion.
  • Parking is limited in the lot nearest the Visitor Center – please use the large main parking area at the park entrance first. Once that lot is full, use the overflow parking up at the Visitor Center.
  • We’ll have 5 porta-johns near the Cliff Pavilion, there is a bathroom building a little beyond the porta-johns of the start/finish line and the Visitor Center facilities will also be open during normal park hours.
  • The drop bag collection point is at the Playground Pavilion located across from the overflow parking.
  • Please remember that alcohol is not permitted in the State Park, except at the Cliff Pavilion during the race. We need to be good guests and respect this. Alcohol is permitted in the State Forest, which means you can have a cold one at any aid station except for Worlds End.
  • Worlds End is a remote area and cell phone service is very limited – it’s unlikely you will be able to talk with your runner, crew, etc., by phone. We will have radio communication with each aid station through our communications command bus – if you have an urgent need to contact a runner or crew, please see a race official at the finish line or any personnel at the communications command bus.

State Park Map


Cliff Pavilion


Drop Bag Pavilion

Aid Station Detail

We have created detailed maps to help direct crews on how to access and utilize each aid station - along with rules to follow that are specific to each aid stations.

  • In an effort to be more sustainable and friendly towards the environment, the Worlds End Ultramarathon is a cupless race. All runners will need to carry their own reusable cup throughout the race to use at aid stations.
  • Aid stations are well stocked with fluids and a variety of foods. The fluids that are generally available are: water, hydration/energy drink, ginger ale and cola.
  • The late stage aid stations will also normally have soup and hot coffee. The foods that are generally available are: salt replacement foods such as saltines, pretzels, chips; fruits such as oranges, bananas, and melons; potatoes, cookies, candies, sandwiches, etc.
  • Aid stations also try to have their own unique foods available throughout the course. We try hard to have vegetarian options available but we cannot guarantee the ability to accommodate all dietary choices and restrictions.
  • Aid stations will not provide Ibuprofen or Naprosyn to any runner. Runners are welcome to carry medication or store medication in their own drop bags.

Aid Station 2 - Onion Hole

Runners approach the aid station from the north via Rock Run Rd and leave by continuing on the road and crossing the iron bridge. Runners will make a hard right hand turn after the iron bridge to follow the Loyalsock Creek. Crews will approach and leave this aid station via Rock Run Road from the south. Use caution as you turn approach the iron bridge and access the parking area, you will encounter runners on the road and as you enter the aid station.

Onion Hole AS will have several traffic controllers to ensure participants and crews safely navigate in and out of the aid station area. Please be aware and mindful of instructions given at this aid station.


Aid Station 4 - Worlds End

Crews have plenty of access and ample parking in both the main and upper parking lot. Please cross the main road (Route 154) at the visitor center with caution and proceed to the aid station in the woods. Crews should utilize this aid station rather than Canyon Vista since the Canyon Vista aid station is no longer crew accessible due to the lack of space to the handle the large volume of crews at the vista.

This Google Street View gives you a good visual of the road crossing, the trail that leads to the aid station, and the upper parking lot.

We suggest that after crews have finished attending to their runners at this aid station, they could visit Forksville for lunch prior to heading to the next aid station at High Knob.


Aid Station 7 - High Knob

Detailed aid station view -

High Knob aid station has excellent parking and easy access via a paved road. Crews will approach and leave this aid station via High Knob Road. The aid station is at the end of the road on a ONE WAY LOOP. Runners will be running with traffic down High Knob Road from the trail to access the aid station and will continue to the cliff edge directly across from the aid station. Crews need to park in the parking lot or on the right hand side of the road past the parking area. This will allow both runners and crews along with other users to access the views per our event permit. This also keeps our runners safe while coming down the road to the aid station. Crews MUST continue driving past the aid station and complete the loop to exit. Do not turn around to exit.


Aid Station 8 - Dry Run

Dry Run aid station has easy access and crews will approach from the east and leave this aid station to the west to access the Brunnerdale aid station. Crews need to park on the RIGHT hand side of Dry Run Road. Runners will be crossing the road after the aid station, so please do not block the course crossing. Crews should continue driving past the aid station and use Route 87 to access the Brunnerdale aid station to the south or crews can go north into Forksville to return to the state park. If crews plan to skip the Brunnerdale aid station and go directly to the Fern Rock aid station, there is a grassy turn around on the left to return back the way you came.


Aid Station 10 - Brunnerdale

Brunnerdale aid station is located on a gravel forest service road. Crews need to park on the RIGHT hand side of Brunnerdale Road. Runners will utilize the road and the small parking lot at the aid station. Do not block the course. Crews should continue driving past the aid station and use Route 42 to access the Fern Rock aid station to the north. If crews plan to skip the last aid station and go directly to the finish, crews will use the same route and continue past the last aid station and head to the finish.


Aid Station 12 - Fern Rock

Fern Rock aid station is located directly off of Worlds End road and High Knob road. Crews can park in the large parking lot where the aid station is positioned but please do not block the course. Crews can also park in the parking area across the street or up at the bridle trail parking/camping area just off Shanersburg road. Medical services will be positioned at this aid station, so please follow their directions if they ask for a vehicle to be moved so they can access in and out of the area.

This Google Street View gives you a good visual of the main parking area where the aid station is located and the smaller parking area across the road.

Crew Rules

A crew can be an important part of your race effort, and they are approved for both 50k and 100k runners, according to the following rules.

  • Crew can help a runner in pretty much any way but ONLY while you are checked in at the aid station – nowhere else along the race route.
  • Parking is limited at many of the remote aid stations and some of the access roads are narrow and dusty. Crews should limit themselves to one vehicle to reduce congestion and provide a safer course environment.
  • Aid stations can be busy places and it’s important that runners have a clear route in and out, with easy and quick access to the station. Please find an out-of-the-way place (but within 50 yards of the station) for crew activities and obey the instructions of the aid station captain as the aid station is their space and their responsibility.
  • We’re really one big trail family when it comes down to it… crews are free to help other runners if they want to, or to help out the aid station crew (if it's alright with the aid station captain).

Pacer Rules

A pacer can be pivotal in the completion of your race, and they are approved for the 100k runners, according to the following rules.

  • Pacers must complete an emergency contact form and a waiver at the aid station they plan to start running from. The pacer bib must be worn while on the course with the runner.
  • Pacers may enter the course only at AS7-High Knob, AS8-Dry Run, and AS10-Brunnerdale.
  • Only one pacer per runner at a time. Runners may use multiple pacers but only in series.
  • Pacers are for safety and moral encouragement. Pacers can help runners at aid stations just as a crew would, but they aren’t allowed to carry water, food, or other supplies for the runner or physically assist the runner in any way out on the trail. They may run beside you or behind you, but not in front of you – this is your race, not theirs.
  • Pacers are free to use the aid stations they visit with their runner.
  • All pacers are responsible to know the rules prior to participating on race day.

Failure of crew members to obey race rules:
Crews that fail to follow the above race rules will result in their runners being disqualified from the race. Cell coverage and internet access is extremely limited at Worlds End and the surrounding area. Because of this, we provide hard copies of the participant guide at the race that include race rules, maps, directions and information to help navigate your way through the race. Even so, we still advise you to read through this information before race day so you are at least acquainted with the information. Crews and pacers must adhere to the information published and ultimately, the runner is responsible for all his or her crew and pacers actions on race day.

Aid Station Access:
Crews may only visit the aid stations that are crew accessible per the aid station planner. Please don't try to visit the other aid stations because they either have difficult access or extremely limited parking that needs to be utilized by aid station staff.

Parking and Unloading:
Crew members should exercise extreme caution when driving between aid stations keeping in mind that many of the roads that you will be traveling on are narrow, remote, gravel roads – so please keep speed at or well below the posted speed limits and exercise extreme caution when approaching aid stations as these areas are where runners follow or cross the road.

Crews should park in designated areas only and at the aid stations where there is no parking lot, ONLY PARK ON ONE SIDE OF THE ROAD. Never stop or unload in front of an aid station. RVs and motor-homes are not allowed at any of the aid stations due to the gravel roads leading to aid stations where cars will also be parked on one side of the road.

Post Race:
Please park in the main parking lots at Worlds End State Park. Finish line food and refreshments are for registered runners only (and a pacer if you finish with one.) Crews and pacers are more than welcome to participate in the finish line celebration but please come prepared and bring your own food to the party.

Results for both races will be posted by Falcon Timing when they have internet service. Runners will be tracked in and out of aid stations but there can be gaps, delays or omissions in this information – we consider this information as being there for “entertainment purposes only” and not considered official. Unless there is a legitimate fear that there is an emergency we will not query the specific location of your runner at the finish line on Saturday as we need to keep our communication channels open for emergency communications.

Drop Bags

There are three locations for drop bags at the race where you may have a small drop bag with additional race supplies. If you have never used a drop bag before, we recommend a waterproof bag or small secure container in case of rain. Inside, you may want food or nutrition items that are not offered at the aid station such as gels, chews or powders that you use in training. We also recommend placing your lights, extra batteries, extra socks or shoes and layers of clothing (gloves, jacket, beanie, long sleeves, rain jacket, etc.) depending on weather conditions. Please be mindful of the size of your drop bag; we will not transport large duffel bags, suitcases, or coolers!

Please label your drop bags with your name, bib number and aid station location.

The drop bag drop off location is located at the Playground Pavilion adjacent to the upper visitor center parking lot. You may place your drop bags starting on Friday evening or race morning. Please place your drop bags in the appropriate aid station location. We do try and check each pile to ensure each drop bag is going to the correct aid station but it is the runners responsibility to correctly label and correctly place in the proper designated aid station pile.

Drop bags that are not picked up the conclusion of the event will be available until 11am on Sunday at the Playground Pavilion. Participants have 2 weeks following the event to request drop bags be mailed back to them providing they cover cost of time, packaging, and shipping fees. The event organizers are not responsible for pursuing participants leaving items at the race nor in case of accidental loss at the race or during shipping. After 2 weeks, participants forfeit all items left at the event.


Below is a list of lodging options near Worlds End State Park. This is not a comprehensive list, but rather a starting point of the closest ones to the race that we know of. Please do your own research to find what place would suit your needs best. If you're strapped for cash or would rather not pay for a place to stay, it's definitely worth looking into the free Loyalsock State Forest camping (see link below). Please do not overnight camp in the Worlds End State Park parking lots.

Loyalsock State Forest

time varies depending on site

6735 Route 220
Dushore, PA 18614
(570) 946-4049


Worlds End State Park

4 minutes away

PO Box 62, Rt 154
Forksville, PA 18616
Phone: (570) 924-3287


Pioneer Campground

15 minutes away

307 Pioneer Trail
Muncy Valley, PA 17758
(570) 946-9971


Millview Motel

7 minutes away

6786 PA-87
Forksville, PA 18616
(570) 924-4768

*Special discount for event

Crestmont Inn

18 minutes away

180 Crestmont Drive
Eagles Mere, PA 17731
(570) 525-3519


Cherry Mills Lodge

17 minutes away

72 Chesock Rd
Dushore, PA 18614
(570) 928-8978


Hotel Harrington

21 minutes away

232 South German St
Dushore, PA 18614
(570) 928-8939


Pavilion at the Park

14 minutes away

345 Main Street
Laporte, PA 18626
(570) 946-4252

Keystone Mtn Park Trust

17 minutes away

66 Keystone Mountain Park Rd.
Muncy Valley, PA 17758
(570) 482-2909


Eagles Mere Inn

18 minutes away

29 Mary Avenue
Eagles Mere, PA 17731
(800) 426-3273


Twin Spruce

21 minutes away

281 German St
Dushore, PA 18614
(570) 928-8307


Endless Mountain Motel

19 minutes away

8938 US Hwy 220
Dushore, PA 18614
(570) 928-9003



Below is a list of food options near Worlds End State Park. This is also not a comprehensive list, but rather a starting point of the closest ones to the race. Please do your research to find what eatery will suit your needs best!

Forksville Tavern

7 minutes away

5048 PA-87
Forksville, PA 18616
(570) 924-3916


Forksville Big Mike's

5 minutes away

22 Bridge St
Forksville, PA 18616
(570) 924-4982


Barn Tavern

11 minutes away

232 Worlds End Rd
Eagles Mere, PA 17731
(570) 525-3092


High Knob Inn

12 minutes away

388 Covered Bridge Rd
Hillsgrove, PA 18619
(570) 924-3136


Eagles Mere Inn

18 minutes away

29 Mary Avenue
Eagles Mere, PA 17731
(800) 426-3273


220 House

21 minutes away

232 German St
Dushore, PA 18614
(570) 928-8939


Pam's Restaurant

22 minutes away

123 E Main St
Dushore, PA 18614
(570) 928-7228


Course Navigation

Common navigation mistakes

While participants praise the race staff each year for how well the course is marked, it's inevitable that some runners will miss turns or second guess themselves and veer off course. So we have compiled a detailed list of common navigation mistakes that may help runners have a more successful race day experience.

Butternut Lollipop

The race starts by exiting the Cliff Pavilion area, turning left, and following the main paved road through the state park and into the cabin area. Once in the cabin area, it's an immediate left turn up the small hill towards cabin 18 and then another left to continue up towards the group tenting area. This is what we refer to as the "warm up mile" and is the best time to sort yourself out in the pack before hitting the trails.

Once you enter the Group Tenting Area No. 3 parking area, you are officially starting the Butternut Lollipop. Runners will go approximately 800 feet up the hill and start the Butternut Loop by veering right onto the Lower Rd. This Lower Rd is not a road but rather a technical trail that will most definitely try and kill you.

As you near the completion of this loop, you will be descending at a rapid pace down the mountain and will continue straight past the Lower Rd and back to the Group Tenting Area No. 3 parking area. At this point, you will need to follow the signs to the right so you can connect to High Rock Trail. You do NOT want to continue all the way back to the cabin area.

This short connector after the Butternut Lollipop terminates at a paved parking lot at the base of the mountain, exactly where High Rock Trail starts! It is a VERY SHARP V-junction, in which you will hit the very bottom and immediately turn to start climbing up. Do not leave the trail and do not enter the parking lot!!

Worlds End Aid Station

Every other year someone thinks the aid station is at the start/finish line. Don't be that someone.

As you near the Worlds End aid station, you will first ascend from running along the creeks edge and then exit the woods at the back of the visitor center. Continue straight parallel to the road but stay to the right of the small boulders until you meet Smokey the Bear at the Fire Safety sign. Once you pass Smokey, then you may turn left to cross the road and proceed to the aid station in the woods.

It is important to say hello to Smokey the Bear because the road crossing is at blind corner and the trail you must enter is past the Smokey the Bear sign. Do not try and short cut the road crossing due to these safety reasons!

Check out the Google Street View for a good visual of this road crossing.

As soon as you leave the Worlds End aid station, you must make the immediate LEFT up the mountain to stay on the Worlds End/Loyalsock Trail (LT). There will be flagging directly ahead of you at this junction - this is the beach trail that will lead you to the finish line, so ignore it for now and follow the sign pointing up the mountain.

Worlds End Spaghetti

As mentioned preciously, as soon as you leave the Worlds End aid station, you must make the immediate LEFT up the mountain to stay on the Worlds End/Loyalsock Trail (LT). There will be flagging directly ahead of you at this junction - this is the beach trail that will lead you to the finish line, so ignore it for now and follow the sign pointing up the mountain.

Once you have ascended partway up the mountain on the Worlds End/LT, the two trails split and you will continue to the LEFT to stay on the LT. At the end of the race, you will be descending Worlds End Trail and this is the reconnecting point. You will descend back down this short section of trail and all the way to the junction at the bottom, where you will take the beach trail to make your way to the finish.

After a stretch of nice easy running along the LT, you will be presented with a left turn to drop you to the road crossing and connection with Double Run Nature Trail. The right hand turn onto Double Run is a hairpin turn and you must not miss this turn! Failure to follow the Double Run Nature Trail will result in not only missing some gorgeous water features but also disqualification for cutting the course! If you do miss the markers and go around the directional signs, using some common sense can help you fix your mistake - you will find yourself at two intersections that have no flagging!! Don't blindly continue on, rather backtrack to the last marker and figure out your mistake!

Once you complete the Double Run loop, you will need to cross a small wooden (and rickety) bridge and up to a roundabout intersection. Keep climbing to the RIGHT and then RIGHT again to follow the Link Trail. If you find yourself at Rt 154 again, you are heading back to the aid station for a second time.

This section each year trips runners up for two main reasons. First, there is a lot of scenery to take in - cascades, waterfalls, interesting trails, rock formations, etc., and runners forget to pay attention to the course markers and directional signs. Second, runners can put their heads down and stare at the 3 feet in front of their shoes, oblivious to the outside world. This section of the course has many twists and turn and you must be vigilant to navigate this section properly.

Coal Mine Return

Both the 50k and 100k race will approach Coal Mine aid station on the Loyalsock Trail (LT) from the south east. All 50k runners will turn right onto Worlds End Trail and start descending towards the Coal Mind Road crossing to the north. All 100k runners will continue straight on the LT to do the lower loop of the course. It is helpful to think of the course as a figure-8 and the Coal Mine aid station as the middle crossing point.

When the 100k runners return from doing the lower loop, they will climb the bridle trail that parallels the LT and then cross the Coal Mine aid station in a perpendicular fashion. It is unlikely that the aid station will still be there when you return, except maybe the first couple front runners. If that is the case, it is the runners job to know to continue straight down Worlds End Trail to the finish.

Race Reports

Listed below are featured race reports compiled by the race organizer. It's not uncommon that people move blog platforms or abandon their blog completely, both which can break the links, so we try to keep all these links up to date when we find these errors. More reports can be found through other platforms such as Instagram and Facebook, but they won't be listed here. If you have race report in either written or video format, and you would like to submit it, contact the race director and send a link to him.

Race Rules

As it is in many ultramarathons, the Worlds End Ultramarathon has its own rules and practices. Please carefully read the race rules before the competition. It is the responsibility of each runner and their crew to read the rules and adhere to them on race day.

Runner Rules - Runners in this event must abide by the following rules. Violation of any rule or communication by race officials may result in disqualification, fines, and being barred from future races.

  1. No unofficial or unregistered runners are permitted.
  2. Every runner's bib must be clearly visible on the front of the body at all times.
  3. Runners must follow the marked course at all times. It will be clearly marked with orange survey ribbon and reflective tape when appropriate. Directional arrows may be used where needed. Any runner that departs the marked course must return to the point of departure before continuing. Cutting the switchbacks is considered cheating.
  4. A headlamp or similar lighting is mandatory if you are running in the dark. Runners may not proceed out of an aid station in the dark without some type of lighting device.
  5. Hiking poles, headphones, and similar devices are allowed but only if used safely and responsibly.
  6. Crew access and drop bags are only allowed at designated aid stations. No one is allowed to drop or store supplies along the race route and runners are not allowed outside aid between checkpoints unless it is an emergency.
  7. No pets on the course. Pets are welcome at the start/finish area and with crews but they must be under control and leashed within the state park. If race officials or park management deems a pet disruptive or a danger, you must remove the pet from the area.
  8. Littering of any kind is strictly prohibited. We are operating under permits from the Department of Conservation and Natural Resources and litter could threaten future permits. Anyone caught intentionally littering along the course will be disqualified.
  9. Race staff will be tracking runner's progress around the course and it’s the responsibility of the runner to make sure the race bib is visible to communication teams and to check IN and OUT of each aid station, even if you are just passing through without stopping. The communications team at the aid station will record your arrival and relay your progress to race headquarters.
  10. Aid station captains will strictly enforce the cut-off times that are posted for designated aid stations. Runners must check OUT of the aid station before the cut-off time. Runners who return to an aid station after the cut-off time will NOT  be able to continue the race.
  11. Aid station captains have the authority to stop runners from proceeding on the course if it is clear that runner is physically unable to continue in a safe manner.
  12. If any runner can’t complete the race, they must notify an aid station captain and surrender their race bib, which will officially withdraw them from the race. If a runner leaves the race and doesn’t show up at the next aid station within a reasonable time, we’ll assume they’re lost and will notify authorities. This could threaten the race’s future permits. Leaving a race without informing an aid station captain may mean disqualification and restriction from entry in future races.
  13. When you sign up for the race, you are signing up to participate at the event. We have an obligation to our participants who actually show up to the race, and we guarantee to provide a race bib, event timing, start line, a marked course with aid along the way, finish line, and results posted online through our timing company. Anything not listed above is provided by the race at their discretion and is not included in your registration fee. If participants are not present at the race, the race is under no obligation to provide anything.
  14. The race will do everything they can to provide an adequately marked trail, but it is necessary for runners to continually remain alert as they run the course. On occasion, weather, animals, and persons not associated with the event can alter or remove course markings. A working knowledge of the course is highly encouraged. You are ultimately responsible to follow the correct course. You can also carry the course using your phone’s built-in GPS to see your location on the course at all times even while in airplane mode or without cell coverage. Cell coverage is poor or nonexistent in portions throughout the course. Be prepared on race day!
  15. All runners and their crews are responsible to know the rules prior to participating on race day.
  16. Any runner who crosses the finish line after the 19 hour limit will not be an official finisher.