Worlds End Fall Classic

The Worlds End Fall Classic is a 13.2 mile half marathon on 97% single-track/double-track. The course has an elevation gain of 3,200 ft. We support you with 2 aid stations and challenge you with a strict 5 hour cutoff. We have a reputation as one of the toughest, satisfying, and most scenic trail half marathons in the state.

Black Forest Ultra 100k

The Black Forest Ultra 100k is a 65 mile lollipop style trail ultramarathon on 99% single-track/double-track. An elevation gain of 13,400 ft. You'll have 5 aid stations and a strict 19 hour cutoff. We think the Black Forest Ultra is equally, if not harder, than the Worlds End 100k and should be included as one of the toughest, most scenic trail 100k’s in the country too!