Participant & Wait List

Participant List

Once you register, your credit card will be processed immediately. Between December 2, 2017 to May 26, 2018: We will refund 50% of your entry fee. The waiting list will remain open until May 19th but after that, the rosters will be closed and no additional registrations will be added at this point. We do not offer deferrals or bib transfers. Due to the length of the wait list, we do not permit race distance changes. If you would like to move to another distance, you will need to accept a refund and register on the wait list for the distance you would like to the run.

Wait List

We maintain a wait list through RunSignUp. As runners withdraw from the race, people on the wait list will be given an opportunity to register for the race based on the order they are listed. Selected participants will be notified via email once selected and have one week to register once the email is sent. The odds of getting into the race depend primarily on the amount of turnover from the registered runners list. Since we don’t have any control over this, your guess is as good as ours. When registering on the wait list, you will be charged only if you are selected from the wait list and you accept the invitation to become a registered runner.

*** To see what position you are on the wait list, sign into RunSignUp and click on your profile, then "My Waiting Lists/Lotteries" from the left hand column. Once on that page, click "See More Details". You won't be able to see names, just how many people are ahead of you on the list.