Race Reports

Race Reports

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Featured Reports

Listed below are featured race reports from compiled by the race organizer. It's not uncommon that people move blog platforms or abandon their blog completely which can break the links, so we try to keep all these links up to date when we find these errors. More reports can be found through other platforms such as Instagram and Facebook, but they won't be listed here.

As far as the amount of race reports we collect, I think a quote from Elaine Sheikh's blog post sums it nicely.

"There was weirdly little in the way of 100K race reports to sift through. The race site featured some links. There were several videos/vlogs on youtube, but only a handful of blog posts. The ones that existed mostly focused on the experience of the athlete/author and didn't give the nitty gritty of the course. I now know it's because this course turns your brain into mashed potatoes."

If you have race report you would like to submit, contact the race director and submit a link to him.